Information Technology Systems Manager

GENERAL SUMMARY OF RESPONSIBILITIES: Ensures the stable operation of the Company's computer network.  This includes planning, developing, installing, configuring, maintaining, supporting and optimizing all hardware, software and communication links.  Implement strategies to that ensure data and system access is available to appropriate parties with the appropriate amount of encryption, authentication, redundancy, usability and speed to meet all security, legal and service requirements established by regulation and best practices.  Implements strategies for systems utilized by the company and its customers.      DESCRIPTION OF PRIMARY DUTIES: Assure that the bank has systems architectures and capabilities which support current and anticipated needs for the effective use of information as a competitive advantage in delivering financial services to customers. Confer with the CIO, Division and department heads to jointly prioritize and develop specific plans and projects in support of business needs for information systems. Lead the development and implementation of systems which support user groups throughout the bank in achieving their goals for the use of information. Direct projects using a structured methodology to re-engineer technology, reduce costs, increase productivity and maintain system availability. Manage the bank's relationships with third party vendors and service providers to ensure quality, reliability, flexibility and cost control consistent with strategic plans and business objectives. Assure that the bank has access to and is prepared to apply innovations in information technology; recommend changes which match these to the bank's needs. Assure appropriate staffing of the information systems functions to meet the on-going needs of the bank for innovative, proactive use of technology. Assure the establishment and implementation of appropriate bank-wide standards for the use of computer hardware and software in support of strategic objectives. Manages the overall operations of the Bank's networkinfrastructure, which includes the planning, directing, designing, coordinating, and administering of all network systems and all workstations; resolving network operational issues; and providing information, direction and recommendations regarding computer equipment and software.Balances the resource constraints (personnel and financial) to optimize the IS investments. Participates in the Bank's IS Management Team strategic planning and budgeting process, and recommends implementation of additions, deletions, and modifications to the bank-wide infrastructure.  Ensures all IS initiatives are consistent with corporate strategy. Ensure all branch systems and customers systems are working properly and escalates issues with the appropriate vendor.Actively reviews such systems for enhancement possibilities, and works with the vendor to explore alternative solutions. Ensures compliance with Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), FFIEC and other regulatory requirements. Establish adequate controls, security, policies, procedures and monitoring programs for the IT systems.Oversees compliance with IS policies, legal and regulatory requirements. Responsible for working with Internal Audit, the examiners, BKD and third party network assessment auditor to ensure the internal controls, system controls, and security of the system are maintained at high standards.Responsible for management's plan to correct any deficiencies notes in the reports. Provides supervision, support, direction, guidance, and coaching the Network Engineers.  Provides direction, guidance, and coaching to staff. Helps staff proactively meet the needs of Bank computer users. Recommends and coordinates staff training needs. Resolves system related issues both during and after banking hours. Cross-sell bank products and services in a professional manner. Complete required training associated with job function. Perform other duties as assigned.   SKILLS AND ABILITIES REQUIRED: A high level of interpersonal skills to communicate policies, procedures and objectives effectively to a diverse range of individuals. Strong technical skills Strong project management skills with acute attention to detail and communication. Familiarity with banking applications.                                                   Ability to effectively manage and supervise personnel. May be required to work earlier, later or longer than the normal work day. Adequate knowledge of both internal policies and procedures and the respective state and federal laws and regulations governing departmental functions to ensure performance of individual job duties within the proper control environment.   EDUCATION/TRAINING REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor's degree in computer science or related field. Minimum of 10 years' experiencerequired. Banking or finance is helpful, but not required.
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
11 - 15 years

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